Action Plans for 2016

On Friday the Eco Committee finally finished working on our Action Plans for 2016.  These are based on our three core areas for this year – Litter, Biodiversity and Waste Minimisation.  Please click on the links below to read the Action Plans:

Action Plan – Biodiversity

Action Plan – Litter

Action Plan – Waste Minimisation

If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you think we could/should be working on in these areas, then please post a comment.

Composting Has Begun!

MOL have now taken another step on our eco journey, with the introduction of composting at the school.  Pupils and staff can now put any fruit waste in our compost ‘caddies’ which will then be emptied into our big black compost bins.  Shredded paper from the office and garden waste will also go into the compost bins. Hopefully by next year we should have some lovely compost to use in our raised beds!