Raised Bed Photos

After the recent warm, sunny and wet weather – perfect growing weather – the raised beds are looking even more magnificent!  The flowers are blooming, the vegetables are growing, and in the sunshine yesterday they were looking great.  Here are some pictures which were taken by our P6B Eco Committee rep, Owen.  When you look at these, think back to how the raised beds looked just a few months ago – bare, full of weeds, dull and drab.  The hard work by all the classes has really paid off – what a difference now!


MOL in Bloom…The Wrap Up!

Milton of Leys Primary School

What a fantastic success MOL in Bloom has been this term. We owe a huge thank you to the children, staff, parents and wider community for their involvement and enthusiasm towards this project. We all agree that the courtyard area is certainly blooming and it has been great to see how proud the children are of their achievements with this green-fingered project! A big thank you to our team of judges who worked together for over an hour to judge the raised beds – they were mighty impressed with our gardening and creativity. Well done MOL!

The judges in the pictures, from left were:

Shona Patience, Tesco Inshes Tesco, Shona Amos, Forestry Commission, Sarah Speakman, Inverness Botanic Gardens, Alan Smith, John Muir Award

CategoryAwardRaised Bed
1.Most eye-catching sign

made from recycled


Stunning SignP1


Most imaginative use of

recycled materials

Recycled MaterialsP7A

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Food Waste Audit

Today we were lucky to have Toni, Russell and Maureen from RoWAN who came to help the Eco Committee carry out an audit of food waste in the canteen at lunchtime.  All the pupils had to sort their rubbish into different bins so we could see how much cooked food waste, uncooked food waste and packaging waste was produced.  Afterwards we had to weigh all the bags and work out the totals.  We will have the full results collated soon, but in the meantime here are some pictures of our Eco Team in action:

A massive thanks to the team from RoWAN for coming in and sharing their expertise with us.  Well done to the Eco Committee as well – they gave up some of their lunch break to help out and worked very hard!